Welcome to the Bean Project!

Healthy food makes healthy people.  Pretty simple, right?


We think so.


But it's easy to lose sight of this simple truth behind the mountain of pre-packaged, processed, genetically altered, and mass-produced foods we are offered at the supermarket. 


That's why we've started the Bean Project. 


We travel the country entartaining people and handing out seeds to help kids learn how easy it is for all of us to grow healthy, organic, non-GMO food in our own homes.  We're creating a growing community of young, healthy gardeners.  We'd love to have you join our community garden!

How to grow your beans.

We've chosen beans for our project because they are fun and easy to grow, and they make the visual connection between food and plants obvious.  Also, they're really cute!

Step One

Find some soil, and plant your beans about an inch below the surface.  Add water, and put them somewhere they'll get lots of sunshine.

Step Two

Keep soil moist.  Add sunlight and love.  Watch them grow!

Step Three

When your plants get big enough, you can transplant them to an outdoor bed together.  Now they have friends!



We want to see your beans too!

The Facebook icon at the top of this page will take you to our Tangled Threads page.  Like us and share pictures of your growing bean sprouts with us.  If you don't do Facebook then just email us your pics at thetangledthreadspdx@gmail.com and we'll post them here! Don't forget to tell us where you are so we can see how big our community of gardeners is growing!

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